Governance is the process by which any organisation or group organises in order to be able to make decisions. In schools, this includes the governing body, who are responsible for scrutiny of decisions made in school and for driving improvement, and the processes and policies which allows the school to work effectively and appropriately.

As a member school within a multi-academy trust, responsibility for the governance of Castleward Spencer Academy ultimately derives to the Board of Trustees appointed to the Spencer Academies Trust. In common with all Spencer schools, Castleward Spencer Academy has a Local Governing Body (LGB), which is technically defined as a committee of the Trust Board.

The powers defining the legal relationship between Castleward Spencer Academy and The Spencer Academies Trust, together with the delegation of general powers within the trust, are set out in a document called the Scheme of Delegation.

  • The Scheme of Delegation used at Castleward Spencer Academy can be found here.
  • Other Trust governance documents are available here.


Local Governing Body

  • Lindsay Trail – Principal
  • Elizabeth Runcorn – Chair of Governors
  • Sarah Chaffe – Community Governor
  • Fatima Eltinay – Parent/Carer Governor